The Truth Inside Design Objects

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for objects that transform from one thing into a completely different thing. Transformers, if you will. Designer Rohan Chhabra has a few objects that do that, and not only that, they’ve got some philosophy behind them too. This set of objects goes by the name “Embodying Ethics.” You’ll find yourself getting emotional witnessing the change between a pair a pants a cow leg. For real.


Cow Leg Trouser: A pair of pants that first fits the human form, then transforms to cover one leg of a cow. Made to remind one of the origin of the materials used to construct.

Hunter Jacket: A coat that’s first used to hunt down animals, then transforms into a Ram’s head wall mount. Narration inside.

Sheep Organ Bag: This purse is both made of the skin of a sheep as well as its insides… inside. The skin of the sheep forms the outside of the purse, then compartments inside are made of sheep organs.

Tree Shadow Chair: Seat made of blond wood with upholstery that transforms into a shadow of a tree. Reflections of the source.

Designer: Rohan Chhabra