Two Hundred and Fifty Dollar Coasters

For your beer. For to be putting your beers onto. That’s what these are. What makes buying a pair of these Black Badger Advanced Composites coasters cost $250 is their limited nature (35 of them, total,) and their composition. They’re made of solid titanium and aetospace-grade carbon fiber, and each of them has their own individual limited edition number laser etched into their side. That’s $250 for a PAIR of these coasters. That’s pretty swanky.

Designer James Thompson makes the joke that “in the interest of sustainability, these coasters contain 30% recycled Terminators. Ha ha.”

These coasters are going to be featured on July 23rd at the Envy Expo 2010 in California due to their high quality and the strange nature of Black Badger. Strange and powerful in their “high-end, precision crafted, low-volume production, and limited edition luxury for a select group of people that have a taste for exclusivity and the finer things in life.”

Each coaster is precision CNC-milled.

NOTE: there’s been some confusion. These are two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for TWO, that’s $250 for a PAIR of these coasters. Apparently some people thought they were $250 for one. How silly!

Designer: James Thompson of Black Badger Advanced Composites

Limited Edition Coasters by James Thompson of Black Badger Advanced Composites




  • med says:

    Kind of luxury for people with no imagination.
    Sticking together expensive materials with “cutting edge” technologies – such as laser etching is not making something into “luxury”. It is still just bloody coaster. In the same way as eating caviar with champagne is not going to turn you into oxford graduate.

    Luxury for me is 120 years old hand-carved Oak table I inherited from my grandad. And it is covered with occasional wine marks 🙂 I already added some marks on it as well.

    • PaulP says:

      What a wank! Please try to fake they made of offcuts at least to calm some people like me!

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