Friday Giveaway: Pick Your Favorite Kähler Ceramic To Win 4 Colorful Cake Servers

Kähler is an internationally recognized ceramics company and their exquisite collection is being distributed in North America exclusively by Urban Butik. Showcased here are some really classy ceramic designs currently available on their site and via their retailers. To win the 2 sets (each set has 4 cake server) of the Colorful Magisso Cake Servers, simply go through the list of ceramic designs and tell us which one you like the best and why!

Contest Details:

  • Two sets of Magisso Cake Servers – color to be won, each set has 4 different color servers
  • Contest open for US and Canada residents only
  • Contest Closes: July 11th mid-night PST Contest Closed

Here’s a look at how the Cake Server lets you cut and pick a yummy slice of cake!

[youtube: 605 445]

Allow me to go first (my entry doesn’t qualify for the contest), I pick the Primadonna Collection, because it reminds me of the funky Elvis Hairstyle, no more bad-hair days!

Bulbino by Jeanette List Amstrup

For Bulbino, Jeanette took inspiration from the flower-kingdom; each vase depicts the essence of a blooming spring flower.

Cammeo by Louise Campbell

The Red Dot Award winning Cammeo is a series of three containers that fit into your lifestyle and décor with ease. Functional and durable, each come with 6 rubber bands, each a different color to fit your mood. You can load them in the dishwasher without any worries!

Fiducia by Louise Campbell

The Fiducia kinda reminds me of the linking mugs that formed a chain. Unlike the mugs which could stand alone, this chain of vase and candle stand connect via magnets to support each other. Call it the vase-candle stand bonding!

Marmitta by Søren Thygesen

Cooking in the Marmitta looks to be a fun experience, especially when you know that Søren Thygesen has shaped these especially for you. The dish encapsulates the content, seals in the heat and lets your imagination run free.

Primadonna by Claydies

Ah…my favorite! Both these bowls have been inspired by hairstyles! Turn them upside down and you will know what I mean! Like I said no more bad hair days!

Pura by Cecilie Manz

Exquisite tableware for those who believe in pure, white forms. They add glamour to your table and the simple lines, the purity is only surpassed by the functionality.

Spazio by Bjørn Poulsen

This exotic fruit bowl has been fashioned to make an artistic expression. The “small breathing holes” are essential when the bowl is loaded with fruit, but looks stunning even when its empty.

Spiro by Helle Rittig

This is another of my favorite items in the list. Tea/coffee is a special ritual for many and besides the drink; we are addicted to the cup we drink it from. The form of Kähler’s new thermal cup is totally inspiring. Akin to a the snail shell, Spiro is modeled around an outer shell whose insulating quality protects and keeps the inside drink warm. Awesome!

Storia by Kähler

Storia is special because it challenges the 1930s classic Kähler teapot (produced with the distinctive spiral handle), by giving it a modern definition. The result is authentic, informal art, enjoyment of which is only strengthened by the air of nostalgia.

Colorful Magisso Cake Server by Maria Kivijärvi

Last in this lineup is the Colorful Magisso Cake Server. It’s not in the ceramics list, but you need to know more about what you are going to WIN! The server comes in 4 color variants for the summer; Black, White, Lime and Purple. I needn’t iterate how helpful this tool is when cutting a cake. So simply pick your favorite ceramic and tell me why you like it!