Umbrella Does A Smiling Wheelie!

Do you recollect the two umbrella posts I did a while back? One had a calligraphy tip and the other a wheel so that you could drag the thing around. The Wheel Umbrella seen here is a mix of these two, but the only difference is that the target audience for this is children. A delightful play element has been included to the design, where you can drag the umbrella trough puddles and leave behind smiles! When opened up, the umbrella doesn’t look bad, and the kid in the picture looks like he can handle the added weight. The reason why I find this design super cool is that if marketed well, it can go on to become a rage amongst the youngsters.

Catering to a child’s need to lug around an umbrella because he may find it heavy or just fun, in such an appealing way, is really neat. Children have a herd mentality and generally what appeals to one, will definitely appeal to his peers.

Designers: Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen

Wheel Umbrella For Children by Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen