Tetko’s latest EDC pocket knife has a razor-sharp American Tanto blade and weighs just 0.09 lbs

With its super-slim design, carbon fiber handle, and uniquely maneuverable lightweight build, the Tekto Romeo is an incredibly handy piece of gear that needs to be on everyone’s EDC list.

It isn’t often that you have one knife that ticks all the boxes. Some of them have a great grip, others have a strong blade or a lightweight design, while a few just have a reliable mechanism that feels robust and well-made. It isn’t often that one knife achieves all these feats, but the Tekto Romeo comes pretty close. At just 41 grams (0.09 lbs), the Romeo is ridiculously lightweight, and boasts of a profile that’s volumes slimmer than most knives. However, its slick profile and lightweight design doesn’t make it less of a knife, no, my good sir. Romeo’s handle is fabricated from durable carbon fiber, and its Tanto-style blade forged from M390 “Super Steel” blade goes above and beyond to resist wear and tear, even with regular, rough use.

Designer: Tekto Gear

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $119 (20% off with coupon code “yanko20”). Hurry, deal ends July 31st.

The Romeo (a name that fits its suave style) measures 4.29 inches when closed and comes with a 3.35-inch blade that’s furnished with an angled American Tanto-style tip, a derivative of the Japanese-style blade design often seen on katanas. The Tanto blade on the Romeo is shorter, lighter, and straighter than the traditional Japanese ones, making it great for cutting and piercing through materials, and equally efficient at slicing off things like branches, paracords, or anything you’d use a pocket knife for. The M390 steel holds its edge rather well and also allows the Tanto-tip to be stronger than the one found on other blades of the same style with a 60 HRC rating for hardness. This effectively allows the Romeo to last much longer than other blades… a feature that’s further reinforced by M390 steel’s resistance to corrosion and rust.

At 0.09 lbs, the Romeo is clearly made to be carried around with you. Its slim design fits well into any pocket, and each knife comes with a pocket clip that allows you to carry it securely. The blade opens out with a single hand, and a linerlock allows the blade to snap into its open position, locking it and preventing it from accidentally shutting while in use. Each Romeo comes with its M390 blade and a carbon fiber handle, secured together with titanium screws and a titanium pocket clip to make your pocket knife last well beyond your expectations. The Tekto Romeo is priced at $119.99 USD, but YD readers can grab a cool 20% discount using the link below, bringing the price down to a commendable $96 USD, with free FedEx 2-day shipping on US orders.

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $119 (20% off with coupon code “yanko20”). Hurry, deal ends July 31st.