Ultimate Modular Kitchen For 2050

Modular kitchens of the future seem to have the basics in place but little can be said about the supporting technology. For example the Elements Modular Kitchen has wall mounted appliances that range from fridge, air-conditioner, lighting and cooking modules. You can add or choose the modules that are best suited for your home. Each unit works independently but can be seamlessly work together via wireless smart networking. They draw power (wirelessly) thru ‘powermat’ technology applied to the wall, and this is supplemented with solar energy when required.

Like I said, the basic intention is quite in the correct place, but I dunno if I can say the same for supporting tech.

The Electrolux Elements is a part of the shortlisted entries for the Electrolux Design Lab 2010.

Designer: Mathew Gilbride

Electrolux Elements Modular Kitchen By Mathew Gilbride