Tea at any age!

Face it now- one day you’ll be old and shaky! When that happens, you’ll be loving the Due Kettle. Unlike conventional kettles that are hard on the wrist, the design features dual handles that help sturdy your grip. Additionally, its spring-loaded lid assists the user in opening the spout, making it even easier to pour.

Designer: Nur Yıldırım



  • Quintin Smits says:

    Great idea! Always scary to see older people grip the kettle with whitened knuckles, shaking as they go…

  • Product tank says:

    Not good, no evidence of a locking mechanism for the second handle and in that position, you will obscure the view of where you are pouring the liquid, leading to spilling. Did you make a model to test this before producing pretty renderings?

  • Birgid says:

    => Product tank: even if you are right: design and functionality are clever!
    Good sample for “Design for All”.

  • Product tank says:

    Hi Birgid. If I am right, then the design is worthless, the design and functionality is not clever if it cannot work. If it could be made, and based on the current images, I don’t think it can, it would just be an expensive paperweight (the handle covers could not slide over one another for a start). All these things can be solved easily before going into nice computer renderings by making a model and testing it with old people, getting their feedback and improving the design. This is what design is all about, product design is judged on the quality of the idea and its implementation, not the rendering. The problem elderly people experience is the weight of the kettle and the pressure put on the wrist when pouring. This kettle will not make this better and will actually make pouring more awkward. Anyone reading this can do a simple test by holding a book of similar proportions in the same way as the images show and try tilting the book as if you were pouring water into a cup. Whilst doing this, look at the angles using your second hand forces the body into, it’s uncomfortable. Making a simple model would have demonstrated this. The designer didn’t make a model. Design is a learning curve, we all make mistakes. This designer has a lot of talent and will go on to design great things, but they must make models and talk to the people they are designing for.

  • よろぶそ says:

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