Prick of The Syrinx

The Sphinx is an ancient mythological creature that sits around all fabulous looking with a feline body and a human head. The “Syrinx” is a cute little modern-day creature that helps kids out with getting their skin pricked for shots at the doctor. Specifically it’s made for reducing the fear children feel before taking a blood test. Aimed directly at kids aged 3 to 6 years, or for bigger kids, whoever likes cute thangs and fears the prick of the needle!

The Syrinx works its magic in four steps:

One While the anesthesia is taking effect, the child and the parent together read a book about what’s about to happen, all illustrated and designed real nice just for this event. This Syrinx book allows the child to become immersed in the event in a positive way rather than the usual anxiety-filled episode of yore.

Two The child chooses their own Syrinx creature they want to work with, allowing them to continue their journey into the event, rather than skirting around it.

Three When the blood is being taken, the child can (hopefully) focus on the Syrinx rather than the normal looking away in terror situation.

Four After the event is over, the Syrinx is detached and given to the child, kind of like getting a toy with your box of cereal!

BONUS – here’s an additional GIANT image showing more on how this needle functions: HOW IT WORKS

Cute! Super fun!

Designer: Jesper Nilsson

Syrinx by Jesper Nilsson