First Aid First

Very few designers have ventured forth to re-deign the First Aid Kit. Even the mandatory school projects that my children did was a square, white box with a red cross plastered in the centre. The N. Nursing Kit designed by two talented students from the National Cheng Kung University adds a breath of fresh air to the mundane. If I were to mention the two most innovative items, it’d have to be the curvy scissors and the integrated flashlight.

The N. Nursing Kit includes the Curvy Scissors, Tape Dispenser, Tweezers Clip and Medicines Cap.

Additional Features:

  • When the device lifted for use, the emergency sign lights up.
  • To open the device, push down and then turn: The container separates into three sections for sterilization, medication and dressing.
  • The upper part is a light source for the nursing kit therefore it can be taken apart to be used as a flashlight. (Material of lamp cover sponsored by Industrial Technology Research Institute).

The Curvy Scissors

The scissors are designed with a curved handle about six degrees from a flat surface. No matter which side of the scissors, the curvature makes it much easier for us to lift and fit our hands better.

Designers: Sheng-hung Lee & You-Lin Chen

[youtube: 600 451]

N. Nursing Kit by Sheng-hung Lee & You-Lin Chen




  • I Love this!
    Where can I buy it?

  • reality says:

    my first aid box works fine without drawing power and costing me money.

  • pierre says:

    very nice project. congrats

  • MLG says:

    Looks beautiful indeed. The tweezers/clip and curved scissors are are clever tools. However, the entire package itself does not appear to hold very much. I think the plain old white box with the red cross might still do the job.

  • C says:

    awesome. curved scissors makes perfect sense. safety note, scissors should always point down…

    marketing wise, you have here a clean concept although the circular green “O” is more pronounced then your product identifier “N”…

    MLG makes a good point, I think there is opportunity to expand this or add more compartments – i.e. more “pie slices” for bins or using stacked circular interlocking bins. Take a look at some of the survival safety gear kits and you get an idea of what you can cram into a very small space.

  • Alex says:

    I would really take another look at those tweezers. If they’re made of plastic as they appear to be, there could be a problem with sterilization. Plastic isn’t the best material if you want it sterile and using them as a bag clip would probably make matter worse. That being said, I do like the idea of a rechargeable flashlight being incorporated, though I might consider finding a means of charging it that doesn’t require it to plug in. It does you no good if the power’s been out for a week before you manage to get injured.

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