Kit to Serve Humans

Not for cooking! Nay. This kit is for first aid. Lots of first aid! Certainly the most triangular of all the sets that I’ve seen, that’s for sure. This “First Aid Support Kit” by Kristine Erdmann is rough, tough, and full of all the red-and-white gear you’ll need straight out of the trunk (or boot, depending on where you’re coming from) of your auto. This set keeps in mind that the majority of the people who provide fellow citizens with first aid have no idea what they’re doing, and are terrified about it.

Because so many people fear doing some sort of incorrect and harmful help, aka “friendly fire” if you will, this kit comes with LOTS of instructions. Very clear pictograms and lots and lots of info graphics. The fold-out nature of the set allows it to be compact but still full of every kind of aid you could need, full of aid, but not cluttered.

Lots of stuff inside including the normal kit items like bandages as well as premium, new-age items like an emergency call and an acoustic counter. Not to be used for guitar playing!

This kit looks so nice, I vote that it be standard. Way excellent.

Designer: Kristine Erdmann


First Aid Support Kit by Kristine Erdmann