The Medical Technical desk


No matter how state-of-the-art one’s medical gear is, or even how experienced a doctor and his/her team is, if the work-space isn’t well designed, it can have a massive influence on the medical practice. Dialogue is a desk that makes a medical work-space not just technologically smarter, but smarter in design too. The desk’s design comes with the ability to either be a basic tray, or a tablet dock + tray, or even a full fledged personal computer + tray. A CPU slot in the central pillar structure means no clumsy dangling wires. The upper space can easily dock a monitor or a tablet, or can be tucked away to avoid being an obstruction.

That’s enough of tech-smart. The desk is designed intuitively to be used with ease in every scenario. It comes with caster wheels that can be locked with the foot. The legs have padded strips that allow one to maneuver the table with their feet in the event of their hands being occupied. The clever use of blue indicates areas of human contact, so that the sterile zones can be demarcated from the zones that have been touched by hands/feet. Isn’t that literally neat?!

Designer: Benjamin Miller