Dentistry Gone Mobile

The Dentris mobile dental treatment system ensures that bed-ridden patients & others unable to visit the clinic are able to receive the dental treatment they need by providing a way for dentists to bring care to their patients’ homes. The complete dentist station is packed into a lightweight, robust case that includes all the necessary tools for cleanings, fillings, & other operations. Not just for immobile patients, Dentris also offers a solution to those who have a phobia of the dentist’s office. Sign me up!

Designer: Clemens Auer


  • Ray says:

    Does it also include a built in autoclave? Or would you need to pack extra tips etc.?

  • clemens says:

    no i does not incluse autoclave, because you need to find a reasonable balance between portable weight and workability.

    additionally a typical workday of a mobile dentist would be like this that he would start in the morning his tour with lets say 4-5 tray filled with all the hygienic stuff needed (and needs to be changed) and bring all the stuff back to his practice and put it in the autoclave there.

    an alternative scenario could contain an autoclave that sits in the car and the instruments are desinfected while driving from one patient to the other.

    and of course you could think of a mobile autoclave that the assistent could carry with her, but i guess its not necessary, car or pratice as a place to position an autoclave is fine – because for regulatory reasons you might need a kind of practice anyway, or lets call it a station for disposal (for the waste water, saliva, blood, removed fillings that are not supposed to enter the public sewage system etc)

  • Facedental says:

    Good idea.Fenomenal

  • Karen says:

    I take it there is a compressor on board for air, water, high speed/low speed and suction. Any outlet for an ultrasonic scaler?

  • clemens says:

    yes everything you mentioned, is on board. the ultrasonic scaler can be seen in image 4

  • Oh my god this is way so cool! It’s one of the best innovations I’ve known so far. Thanks for sharing.

  • andres [email protected] says:

    Hi, I would like to know what country you are and how much it costs

  • Yarex says:

    How much is it? Where can I get it??

  • Tea says:


  • Very interesting! Thanks for the post!

  • Spectacular & revolutionary! This is going to be a great asset. Thanks for the post!

  • Andrés Schlosser says:

    I need all the information about this Mobile Dental Office please

  • Dan says:

    Take a photo of the area that you want to translate and the app will change it to text and translate to any language of your choice.

    Award wining app…magical, download free now!

  • Michael Ikonomos says:

    Hi, I am a dentist in Australia wanting to provide a mobile dental service to old and disabled people who cant access a dentist.
    Your mobile dental unit is perfect.Where can I purchase one from.

  • Jerry DDS says:

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