Cocoon on Wheels

The name of this project is the “Hyundai Aebulle” concept car, and it’s designed by Shane Baxley. The word Aubulle, when translated directly from Korean, means “cocoon.” When you are in the cocoon, you are definitely cocooned. A sort of lay-down seating situation with the vehicle wrapped all around you. Cruising through the streets on a luge of Aubulle. The mobility and speed of a motorcycle with a cocoon-like safety for the body of the driver. Plus super fabulous light strips.

The Aubulle is 105.7 inches long, approximately the same size as the 2010 Corvette. Suspension similar to a dodge tomahawk. Front wheels on separate independent swing arms, allowing for extreme turning.

The driver of this amazing machine will be safe due to a magnesium frame which wraps around them, plus aluminum oxynitride glass for the front cockpit area. This glass is embedded with E-ink that allows for radical button controls including radio, gps, etcetera.

The center steering column for the machine lifts upward along with the glass cockpit cover so the driver can hop on in. The entire system is powered with lithium batteries stored in the boards in the floor of the vehicle which power small electric motors inside each wheel.

And you know I wouldn’t go a whole article without mentioning how it relates back to TRON, right? Check this bike out. It’s singly manned, black, top opening, and has lovely strips of lighted colors all around it. Lightbike!

Designer: Shane Baxley


Hyundai Aebulle Concept by Shane Baxley