A Luxurious Undersea Vehicle

For you, the discerning consumer, here’s the best and newest undersea yacht. What’s that? You say they’ve already invented that? You say it’s called a submarine? You crazy. This is a submarine for people who want a pleasure cruise, not a U-boat can of sardines situation. This sassy lady can run on diesel or switch to electric propulsion. The inner surface is greater than 700mq, which, if you didn’t know, is large enough to have a good time in. Travel above the waves in the nice weather, cruise underneath them when the storms start to stir.

The entire craft is 66.5m, this “U-101 Undersea Yacht” is sleek, aerodynamic, and sexy. Above the waves you can drive your little single-person jets up to the back deck and walk right on or off. Dive off the sides, have a drink up top, anything. Inside’s not just big, it’s huge. Gigantic. Hugenormous. It looks like Dr. Evil’s meeting hall, and that’s only half of it. It’s so lux. So mag.

I’ll take two. Thank you.

Designer: Marina Colombo & Sebastiano Vida




U-010 Undersea Yacht by Marina Colombo & Sebastiano Vida