Zoom Stop Fold Unfold Go Zoom!

So you’ve got to go in and out of a bunch of places today, all around teh town, and you know you’re not gonna be able to find a bike rack every time. But you gotta bike! So whatcha gon do? You gon get you a folding bike – and since you’re way into the color orange and fantastically innovative folding bike design, you set your eyeballs square upon the prize: the “Zoomla!”

HAY that does not appear to be a conventional bike. That’s RIGHT that’s because it’s not. It’s the Zoomla. It’s just so classy. The fold is a single-pivot. That’s it!

But wait, how do I turn, it doesn’t look like the handle turns the front wheel! – Oh but it does! This bike incorporates a system called TorqSteer, eliminating that whole messy steering tube ordeal. Then wait, what the cuss?! There’s no pedals! -Oh but there ARE pedals. Those two orange pedals right there are pedals, known here as the Pedaldeck. This bike uses an internal drive system rather than the usual crank and pedals.

And down there, in the pics, what’s that turtleshell there? Oh that, that’s a freaking backpack! It’s optional and attaches just below the seat for fashion fabulousness.

Designer: Eric Stoddard of SpeedStudio Design



Zoomla folding bike by Eric Stoddard of SpeedStudio Design


  • Victor Assis says:

    Great design! I’d absolutly buy it.

  • mif991 says:

    Other than the silly introduction, I like this bike. But I would need to ride it first to see if the pedaling is easy. It doesn’t appear to be so. Sleek rendering.

  • ranjix says:

    interesting. can’t say that I love it, but it’s definitely interesting. first I’d like to note that the position on the bike will be fairly vertical, which probably will help with the pedaling, but will increase drag. I’m saying about the position because the distance between the wheels seems to be fairly small, so no sudden brakes please or risk some flying. further, the wheels are very small, wonder what kind of speed is expected from this thing, and how fast is one supposed to “pedal” on it.
    however, I’d like to see it “in action”, before getting to a conclusion… (I don’t really expect it, the bike has more of a “striking design” quality to it, than an actual achievable product, hope I’m wrong)

  • Sudeep says:

    WANT it! I’m a fan of bicycles, more so because it’s been ages since I had/drove one. Would do anything to get this.
    And did I mention… WANT it!

  • Ad says:

    This is a great design…

  • EvSupasonic says:

    For some reason it kinda has a Camel look to it… prob just me though 😛

  • EvSupasonic says:

    For some reason it kinda has a Camel look to it… prob just me though 😛

  • EvSupasonic says:

    Pretty good design though

  • EvSupasonic says:

    Pretty good design though

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