Organic Aesthetic Transportation

Behold once again the power of 3D rendering software. This is all realer than real. Master of this sort of illustration is designer Aleksandar Dimitrov, one who Yanko’s featured once before. What this project consists of is an organically shaped positive energy metro car for relaxing travel. A giant yet compact 2-sided sitting module is what this consists of, and in it, a fabulously futuristic experience you will find.

I don’t know what dimension or year in the future we’ll find something as fantastically different from the status quo of today we’ll find this, but we can certainly peek at it now! Dimitrov describes this human transport as one of positive energy and inspiration for its passengers.

Made out of highly reflective fiberglass surfaces with movement and comfort built into the overall aesthetic. Even the flat floor directs you along pathways it wishes for those who walk upon it. Handrails that mimic the lighting fixtures run along the wall, elliptical handrails are installed above each sitting unit to provide extra support.

And the whole thing – wild colors. Love the wildness.

Designer: Aleksandar Dimitrov

Metrocar by Aleksandar Dimitrov