Wake-up And Smell The Coffee, Have It Too!

Buzzer alarms need to be tossed out of the window and replaced with the CoffeeTime. The idea is to wake up with the smell of coffee…no jarring rings or bells; just the inviting aroma. How does this happen, you ask? Well, you pre-set your favorite coffee capsule into the hour-glass shaped alarm. At wake-up time, the steaming brew just pours into a waiting cup and the strong aroma of coffee arouses you. The whiff of coffee is further enhanced with a “smell emitter”, which is located on the top of the maker.

Till here I’m totally sold to the idea. I’m willing to take my chances sans buzzers. What I can’t digest is the self-cleaning chamber in the lower half, which apparently stores water to clean the used cup. I’d much rather rinse out the cup in the sink and then set it up for the next day.

If someone decides to make this…just ensure it’s a compact thingy that fits in my bedroom.

Oh yes I’m biased…cause I’m a coffee addict!

Designer: Elodie Delassus

CoffeeTime – Coffee Maker Clock by Elodie Delassus