Top 32 Favorites From 2013 iF Design Award

I had the privilege of being one of the 1900 guests who celebrated the prize winners of the iF design awards, in a lavish ceremony held at the BMW World in Munich. Using the Munich Creative Business Week as the backdrop was probably one of the cleverest things, because as design enthusiasts, we had access to some of the most inspiring workshops and exhibitions. Team YD met up with creative minds from across the globe and came home enriched by the experience. Here is our pick of Top 32 Favorite product design winners from the 2013 iF design awards.

ACME Peanut Computer Mouse by ACME Europe Ltd

The wireless, rechargeable ACME Peanut mouse echoes the shape of a peanut, which immediately attracts the eye of those who love distinctive IT accessories. This symmetrically shaped accessory is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed users.

Aroma Genie-Casa Aroma Diffuser by TOAST Living – Yungshiun Lin & Cheng-Yuan Hsieh

At 2.5 million ultrasound vibrations per second, this aroma machine releases the refreshing essential oil into the air. Taiwan’s TOAST design team developed the Aroma Genie-Casa with the black-rock porcelain shell.

Arzum Fırrın Toaster by Atıl Kızılbayır

The Fırrın toaster is Arzum’s new innovation that revolutionizes toasting. As an alternative to standard toasters, Fırrın’s unique form and ease-to-use offers “simplicity” to consumers around the world.

Bike Zone – Bike Peripherals by Lite-On Technology Corp.

To help minimize the risks, Bike Zone is a pair of laser projectors that create a one-meter safety zone around your bicycle during normal use. It also features animated arrows to indicate when you intend to turn.

Babylon Garden Vegetative Module by Fibratom

Babylon Garden is a system of vegetative modules made of recycled plastic or composite of coconut fiber, capable of containing substrate of composted organic household waste for planting in the vertical direction of small fruit, vegetables, legumes, flowers, mushrooms and others.

Bull Extension Power Cord by Nova Design

This product helps users achieve flexibility in using sockets, free from the traditional ground based operation. It satisfies users demand by supplying power to their portable devices and USB sockets at the reach of their hands.

Concept Kitchen – Mobile Kitchen by Kilian Schindler Produktdesign

The mobile kitchen system is currently based on four modules: work surface with integrated hob, sink center, butcher block, partition tower with built-in oven. The stainless steel base elements can be disassembled and have grid holes for the flexible positioning of structural panels and shelves. A simple plug-in principle allows easy assembly and disassembly of the basic elements without the use of tools. The kitchen system can be flexibly adapted to the user’s lifestyle.

cuppo Wall Pocket by ideaco&associates

cuppo is a useful place to store small items that attaches to all surfaces compatible with regular magnets, such as refrigerators or metal doors.

eN Tape Dispenser by PLANE Co., Ltd.

Unlike common tape dispensers, which hold a roll of tape with a reel, eN has a mechanism for the rotary motion with two built-in rollers.

E-Pen Stationary by Propagandist Company Ltd.

Many people in creative careers such as fashion design, architecture and even engineering face the problem of always losing their pen! The magnificently designed product is the perfect combination of tape measure and pen.

Essence LED Retrofit Bulb by SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

This AC LED bulb has an iconic form and 4 mm plated body shape. It provides omni-directional light distribution just like an incandescent bulb. The Essence’s silhouette changes into completely different shapes depending on the angle of the heat sink plate.

GROHE Blue Water Filtration System by Grohe AG

Providing a viable alternative to bottled water, this modern compact device dispenses still, medium and fully carbonated chilled and filtered water.

HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker by HIDDEN

The HiddenRadio is the world’s simplest and most intuitive wireless speaker. It is activated with just a slight twist of the cap; the further you twist and lift the cap, the louder it gets.

Islands Porcelain Series by CULTURE FORM GmbH

Associations and inspirations taken from a walk on the beach lend this organic series its distinctive character. Smooth contours are intriguingly contrasted with precise cross-sections and surfaces. The handling of this series, consisting of stackable plates and bowls, is optimized to deal with the demands of the gastronomy.

Kacha Digital Camera by Lite-On Technology Corp.

Kacha is a digital camera that makes taking photos more intuitive and fun. With a frame-like appearance and a hollow center, users can take photos of what they see by pulling out the frame and look out directly through it. Instead of using a viewfinder like conventional DCs, Kacha simplifies the operation and makes the body of the camera much lighter. People can use their eyes to take photos directly in keeping with natural human behavior. Furthermore, it can be powered mechanical energy from people’s body movements while carrying the camera. This special camera presents a simple and environmentally friendly way of taking pictures.

Jot Mini Stylus by Adonit

Built on the original Jot stylus (winner of the iF product design award 2012), Jot Mini is a more compact model featuring the same precision disc, ballpoint, quality material composition and compatibility with any capacitive touch screen. Smaller, lighter and more agile, Jot Mini is the perfect companion for your smartphone. Add a streamlined, built-in mobile clip, manufactured in one piece with the stylus’s aluminum barrel, and the world’s premium stylus now sits neatly in your pocket.

KENYO KAPU LED Table Lamp by KENYO Design

KAPU is an eco-friendly and energy saving LED table lamp with battery recharging option. Shake it once it turns on. With one more shake, it turns off! Entirely dedicated to home décor and hospitality industry, KAPU is designed for a day-to-day use, easy and fast operational, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Libratone Zipp Speaker by Libratone A/S

Libratone Zipp is a wireless sound system wrapped in changeable Italian wool. The portable speaker from Libratone is the first device to deliver the performance and convenience of AirPlay without the need for a Wi-Fi router and complicated network setup. We call it PlayDirect technology.

Lirio by Philips Ecliptic Range by Philips Design

The Lirio by Philips Ecliptic is an imaginative pendant light that plays with the new shapes and effects that are made possible by LED technology. Advanced optics within the Ecliptic, which could not be created by more traditional light sources, reflect the indirect LED light and distribute it into a diffuse glow that is fully dimmable.

MEDION AKOYA X-PC by INDX Design, Medion Designteam, Christian Finke, Christoph Thauern, Jeff Wu, Andreas Reineke, Alexander Dierich & Prof. Bernhard Geisen

The MEDION AKOYA X-PC is the “eXtra portion” PC. The compact housing is designed to resemble an “X”, which gives the product a distinctive recognizable look. The small aluminum body integrates a power supply and adapts every connectivity, including a direct adapter for the MEDION 2.5” HDD drive-n-go. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also included. When full connectivity is needed, the MEDION AKOYA X-PC presents its slots by simply rotating the front cover.

Metro Harbin Metro Vehicle by büro+staubach gmbh

The metro vehicle for Harbin, a city located in northeast China, is the first vehicle built upon a new construction platform from the Chinese rail manufacturer CNR. Characteristic elements to the vehicle include a flat glass windscreen with integrated forward facing emergency exit, all enclosed in a single band. The vehicle appears to be floating above the coupling.

Moonscape Porcelain Series by CULTURE FORM GmbH

The series Moonscape innovatively combines the diversity inherent in porcelain and glass. The graphical approach emphasized in the individual plates amasses in a recognizable landscape and forms a stage for numerous possibilities to present dishes.

Opel RAK e Electric Experimental Vehicle by Adam Opel AG

At the IAA Opel presented the RAK e concept. With its lightweight and groundbreaking design, the vehicle could give a new form of mobility to a new group of customers already starting at age of 16. RAK e continues Opel’s pioneering spirit in the search of alternative propulsions. The highlights are: sexy experimental vehicle for city and autobahn; concept for an affordable lightweight zero emission fun-BEV; the “1 Euro / 100 km“ vehicle; highly efficient and agile tandem two-seater beyond cars and motorbikes; potential performance data: 120 km / h top speed, 100 km range; maximum mobility with minimum effect on the environment.

ORANGE Award LED Light by The Brand Union GmbH, Norman Quadflieg, Stephan Pantel & Jens Tarnowski

A unique light sculpture as an award for innovative and creative employees! The international OSRAM ORANGE Award illustrates the power of creative thinking for innovative lighting solutions. The orange light effect that appears with a single touch makes the award ceremony to a special illuminating moment. The award itself is an innovative lighting solution.

ORBIT Conical clock by ostwalddesign

ORBIT – 24 hours in 360° Time turns the clock. Every twelve hours, ORBIT’s extremely precise aluminum cone rotates all around its own axis, thanks to its special clockwork technology a small ball substitutes the clock’s hands to show the time, following gravity it moves at the bottom of the clock’s face. Setting the time takes place by moving the clock-face between one’s fingers and thumbs. Ingenious: all digits on the clock’s face are displayed outwards and thus, ORBIT always stands correct and on time.

Original Green Cup by Ecojun Company

Original green cup is an eco-friendly product designed similar to cups commonly used in coffee shops. Also “V” shaped crack on the top helps to keep your teabag from falling into your cup. Original green cup is made of 100% biodegradable cornstarch plastic.

Rain Gauge by Tools Design

The Eva Solo rain gauge is a sculptural and practical product, which helps you keep an eye on how much rain, has fallen. The water level is easy to read through the slits in the side of the outer holder, which is made of white-painted metal. The inner rain collector is made of transparent plastic and is easily removed for emptying. The rain gauge is frost-proof.

Safe Guard Water Rescue Equipment by LiteON

Safe Guard is a type of water rescue device. The device, with the life buoy inside, is installed at the top of riverside fences. The rescuer can lift the top of the device and throw it to the drowning person.

SEIL-bag Bluetooth LED Backpack by Lee Myung Su DesignLab

SEIL-bag is designed in order to illustrate traffic signals such as proceed signal, stop signal and emergency signal on the back pack. It is composed of detachable wireless controller and LED display, which is built in the backpack.

Sigma Shuttle Water Craft by Buffon Wang

The Sigma Shuttle combines the planar dimension of ships with the longitudinal mobility of a submarine to deliver a new concept in marine transportation. The Sigma Shuttle features a winged triple catamaran design that expands from a slim, underwater tear drop-shaped submarine into a trimaran surface vessel.

SmartWatch – Android Watch by SONY Mobile Communications

Sony SmartWatch is an Android Bluetooth device with multi functionality. The minimalistic body, the soft edges and the smooth surfaces feel comfortable, either you wear it around your wrist or clipped on to your jacket. A brushed aluminum frame surrounds the scratch and splash-proof multi-touch display. A diamond cut edge adds that extra precision and refinement to the detailing.

The TopBrewer Coffee Machine by Scanomat A/S

The TopBrewer by Scanomat is an innovative, state of the art beverage system that has created an entirely new category within coffee brewers. It turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down and its simple sculptural design is breath taking. Marking an entirely new category in premium professional bean-to-cup beverage system design, the elegantly styled patented swan neck is the first of its kind and is designed to be built into any counter surface. It can be operated by an iPhone or iPad, which enables consumers to tailor each drink to their personal requirements, order and pay for their beverage.