2-in-1 wireless charger concept shows a tidy and decorative home for your devices

A good number of people today have one or even more smartphones, and it’s not uncommon that they would also have accessories like earbuds and smartwatches to go along with these. With the removal of the headphone jack from many modern phones, the adoption of TWS or truly wireless earbuds has seen an upward trend. Some even have wireless charging capabilities to match their partner smartphones, like the Apple AirPods and the iPhone. This is the reason why wireless charging accessories that can accommodate both these devices at the same time are also starting to become more popular, and this concept offers a more space-efficient design that also looks attractive on its own when not in use.

Designer: Hanyoung Lee

Given the limitations of current technologies, the earliest designs of wireless chargers had to be flat beds, often elongated to accommodate more than just a phone. This can be a waste of desk or table space, especially when the devices won’t always be there anyway. Magnet-powered variants like Apple’s MagSafe allowed for a bit more flexibility in that regard, and we’re seeing some more vertical designs rising to the challenge.

Tri-charge is admittedly a bit of a confusing name because it doesn’t refer to the number of devices you can charge on it. You actually only have room for two devices at a time, one phone that supports MagSafe or magnetic wireless charging and one earbuds wireless charging case. It doesn’t take into account smartwatches, which might not be as common anyway, though a possible design iteration could support that as well.

The name, instead, refers to the charger’s triangular shape, technically a tall triangular prism. The phone latches onto the inclined front of the shape, relying on strong magnets to keep it from falling off, while the earbuds case goes inside the bottom compartment. Both wireless chargers use a single cable, avoiding tangles and messy wires. Not only does it keep your desk or bedside table neat, the design also makes for an attractive decoration if there’s nothing charging on it.

The standard design makes use of wood and plastic, but it can also be made of other materials or finishes, including a fancy transparent body that reveals all its secrets. While there is now a growing number of vertically-oriented 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 wireless chargers like these, the Tri-charge remains distinctive for having a purpose as a decorative object even while not in use as a charger.