Sitting on Fire

Fire hydrants. They’re red. They give firefighters access to water to put out fires. Dogs pee on them. They work pretty good for what they’re meant to do. But what about the offseason? What happens to lawn chairs in the winter? They get put in the shed. What about fire hydrants when there’s no fire? I know, let’s sit on it. Let’s sit on the fire hydrant. But wait! It isn’t comfortable at all! What can be done?

By jove I know what we can do, make it more sit-friendly! Designer Xiaoman Wang observed in his area of residence the strange phenomenon of people sitting on fire hydrants as seats. Everywhere XW looked, there was someone resting their feet with a nice butt-to-hydrant sit.

But the discomfort!

So a new world solution was needed. And here it is.

Designer: Xiaoman Wang


Hydrantseat by Xiaoman Wang



  • Elodie says:

    Awesome idea ! I particulary like the little graphism “sit”.

  • Jacek says:

    Sit for yourself, it will be pissed by dogs in no time

  • ebbandflow says:

    “Designer Xiaoman Wang observed in his area of residence the strange phenomenon of people sitting on fire hydrants as seats”

    Seems like there are better and cheaper solutions to this problem.

    Even as a piece of design/art, its not as succesful as it could have been.

  • DesignHey says:

    Useful design, it’s a good thing that hydrants have some other use.

  • Ryan says:

    It is a good idea, but fire hydrants usually are placed by roads, where no one wants to sit.But, if you just want to take a break from a long walk or something, i suppose it is pretty useful

  • lpc says:

    my god!how a wanderful idea!

  • wayodi says:

    Can you imagine of what would possibly happen should one of them accidentaly go off, unleasing , 350 kPa
    (50 lbf/in²) of thrust… ” i will leave the rest to your imagination ”

    Nice idea though..

  • shimin says:

    you yourself mentioned about dogs peeing on them. who’s going to sit on something a dog has peed on?

  • Kid says:

    No city planner in their right mind would green light this project. It encourages loitering in all the places you are not supposed to loiter. That’s what benches are for – designated areas for “loitering.” You are enabling loiterers and homeless in all the wrong ways with this. Nope.

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