Sitting on Fire

Fire hydrants. They’re red. They give firefighters access to water to put out fires. Dogs pee on them. They work pretty good for what they’re meant to do. But what about the offseason? What happens to lawn chairs in the winter? They get put in the shed. What about fire hydrants when there’s no fire? I know, let’s sit on it. Let’s sit on the fire hydrant. But wait! It isn’t comfortable at all! What can be done?

By jove I know what we can do, make it more sit-friendly! Designer Xiaoman Wang observed in his area of residence the strange phenomenon of people sitting on fire hydrants as seats. Everywhere XW looked, there was someone resting their feet with a nice butt-to-hydrant sit.

But the discomfort!

So a new world solution was needed. And here it is.

Designer: Xiaoman Wang


Hydrantseat by Xiaoman Wang