From Flat to Flex

At first glance, it might look super rigid… but take a seat and you’ll find the Flexi chair to be quite bum-friendly! Crafted from wood and aluminum, its seat flexes to the user’s unique body shape before popping back into place when they get up. It blurs the lines between what we think LOOKS comfortable and what IS comfortable.

Designer: Ariel Anisfeld


  • Does this product go into market? Frankly, I doubt the conformt of the chair.

  • kompani101 says:

    I have a few thought on this design. The sharp edge would be very dangerous for children. It would also very very uncomfortable for anyone will slightly short legs as the rear of their knees would be supported by the sharp edge. The flexing seat would tend to trap loose clothing when the person sits, especially so for dress wearers. Should you have to carry the chairs then the chair back would ‘cut’ into your fingers so only 1 chair could be carried, using the vertical sides at any time.
    This is a typical case of form over function.

  • Lion says:

    Not interest in . When you sit it is deform a normal chair whist change of form
    And il is not si beautifill just problèmes for nothing
    Pleasanton yanko put rights projects and not one avermaet quantity of projects which has beautifull présentation but nosense

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