Second and a Half Dimension Shelves

This project goes by the name “Imeüble” and it’s a shelving system that accesses not just your eyeballs and book-storing hands, it works with your mind to help you store information the same way you learn to associate words to their meanings! The easiest comparison is one the designer uses: when you read the word “cornfield,” you imagine a field full of corn, not the word “cornfield.” In that the shelf appears to be 2D but is actually 3D, this whole system works in the same environment of learning.

Confused? It’s really quite simple and wonderful. As you look at the shelves, they appear to be flat, sideways, weird in some way or another to your eyes. In reality, they’re simple plastic, shaped in a way that instills an image that’s much stronger than it’s actual simple function. Thus it’s relationship to how spoken/written words work – while the word itself is quite simple, what it represents can be quite complicated.

In this fabulous work of associations, designer Bjørn Jørund Blikstad hopes to inspire you to take another look at what storing items on these shelves really means.


Designer: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad