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"Jaeseok Han"

Shove the Shovel

A show of hands please, all those of you dreading shoveling the sidewalk this winter! It’s quite a task and the toll it takes on your…

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Travel Scale

This project goes by the name “Weight2Go” and it’s made for you folks who just need to get the weight of items on an everyday basis,…

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Dots of Fire

Now you too can get all of your temps in dot form! Yay! This concept is a faucet and it’s name is “Tempdot.” The quick and…

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Saving Soda Twister

This little object right here is called the “Legcap.” It’s designed by a really quick-thinkin fellow by the name of Jaeseok Han. It’s made for your…

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You’re Not Mowgli

And you’re lost in the jungles…deep forest where GPS doesn’t work and you are stupid enough to leave your satellite phone at home! Aren’t you glad…

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I Can Read Your Language

YD is a melting pot of varied cultures; we have Asians, Americans, Australians and British in our group. Luckily we all use English otherwise can you…

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