Here We Go Loopt-y Loo

Eva Bauer & Hetal Jariwala are at their flippin’ tricks again and have once again created a highly functional stylish shopping bag to add to their Flip and Tumble collection. We first saw their 24-7 bag earlier this year that caught my attention – a bag to ball in 8 seconds, you can’t beat that. Yet they did it again with the Loopt bag. Also available in an array of bright colors, Loopt bags are simple and classy and easy to store away when you aren’t out there spending your hard earned money. So jump on the wagon to converting to only using re-usable bags. Available for only $6, Loopt bags are affordable enough to buy several in the different colors. Now go out and make those plastic bag users jealous.

Designer: Eva Bauer & Hetal Jariwala [ Buy It Here ]