Here We Go Loopt-y Loo

Eva Bauer & Hetal Jariwala are at their flippin’ tricks again and have once again created a highly functional stylish shopping bag to add to their Flip and Tumble collection. We first saw their 24-7 bag earlier this year that caught my attention – a bag to ball in 8 seconds, you can’t beat that. Yet they did it again with the Loopt bag. Also available in an array of bright colors, Loopt bags are simple and classy and easy to store away when you aren’t out there spending your hard earned money. So jump on the wagon to converting to only using re-usable bags. Available for only $6, Loopt bags are affordable enough to buy several in the different colors. Now go out and make those plastic bag users jealous.

Designer: Eva Bauer & Hetal Jariwala [ Buy It Here ]


  • Carl says:

    great idea. great product. nothin but love for this one..!

  • Armin says:

    Reminds me of my grandfathers wallet-bag.

    Folded, it was encased in a shell, which looked like a wallet. unzip it to open and the ‘wallet part would turn into the sturdy bottom of the bag. very easy to fold as well.

    It was also truly ‘unisex’, which I think is underestimated these days. Most “unisex” items are cute, thus most males won’t use them.

  • Josh says:

    Seems very similar to the ChicoBag that I got for free on a JetBlue flight on Earth Day earlier this year. The ChicoBag doesn’t require any senseless time-wasting to roll it up either. It just packs into a pocket sewn on to the interior. It costs $1 less too.

    I don’t work for these people, just trying to share a similar product.

    • Eric says:

      Chico bags have smaller handles than plastic bags! At least the Flip and Tumble has longer handles to open it and fill easier…

  • james says:

    nice idea, but consumers have adopted a “throw away culture” which manufacturers and governments are latching onto with greater encouragement to “recyclable” goods rather than long life.

    Although I do have better faith in the more durable longer lasting goods like from the good ‘ol days.

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