A Single Sheet Seat

Don’t you just love it when something seemingly complicated turns out to be made out of one brilliantly folded piece of material? Well you’re in luck, there’s one of those sorts of things sitting in this post right here! It’s the “Faltsessel,” aka folded lounge chair, and it’s made from one single piece of aluminum, folded ever-so precisely into a lined chair defined by its bend edges. Manufactured in Germany, where they also offer it covered in three different kinds of buffalo skin.

That’s all they have there in Germany, aluminum and buffalo. Not like the USA, where all the buffalo are basically confined to zoos, the same ones we used to keep the dinosaurs in. But that’s not a chair! This is. You can get this in plain aluminum, powder-coated aluminum in different colors, or covered with three different kinds of buffalo skin.

And when you sit in the chair, always raise one foot up above your head for the full effect! At least that’s what I think the lady modeling the chair is telling us. You?

Designer: Von Arne Amtsfeld for DUA

Faltsessel aka folded lounge chair von Arne Amtsfeld for DUA