Key System Deluxe

The title of this project is “Cucampre – key holders and hooks” and it’s for all of your keys. Every single one of your keys. You’re going to get them organized, and you’re going to make them look so very nice. Sounds excellent, yes? I think so! Designed to be a line of hooks and key chain holders to help organize your keys in an unusual, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing way. Slip, slide, and modularize your keys for great glory!

There’s these metal back pieces, the holders, that come is several different colors and shapes that include a couple, car, house, heart, and more. Then there’s the little black bits that the keys slip onto using rings. These bits fit into the holders, and the holders display and organize in this lovely simple way!

Designer: Olavo Machado Neto for Cucampre


Cucampre key holders and hooks by Olavo Machado Neto