Chainless, Electric, And So Urban

The City Cycle is a chainless bike that uses a pedelec system in tandem with new belt technologies. Designed for urban commutes, which on average are shorter than 6 km, the City Cycle is intended for people who would otherwise stick to cars. Ask most people why they don’t ride their bikes to work and the answer is distance. Nobody wants to walk into work exhausted. Comfort is a key factor so before you naysayers poo-poo electric bikes for being an oxymoron, think about what it will take to get masses of people to switch back to two wheels.

Designer: Christian Vollmer








  • mif991 says:

    I would be more than happy to purchase this bike (if its price is reasonable). The concept, aesthetics and color theme are all great for me. Nice job Christian. Can you offer a reason you decided not to chrome plate the usual components?

  • No link. Hmmm…wonder where you found this?

  • alex says:

    Sry but, i dont think this would work.. but the design is nice!

  • igorchak says:

    Very nice design, love the handlebars…
    One thing that confuses me is where it points to an engine and battery…I only see one red cylinder…is it an engine or a battery, or is it one housing?

  • Andrew says:

    I appreciate the compactness of the engine and battery assembly, however, the concept is still a step backwards.

    No one in anything resembling decent shape is going to exhaust themselves in 6k. Half the point of riding a bicycle to work is being in that shape.

    Products can be too enabling. The easier we, as designers, make it for everyone to slack off, the more health problems we will be working to enable in the future.

    • Morgan says:

      If this actually works, I’d get one, just for help on the big hill on my way to work that makes me less inclined to bike everyday..but I’m not sure an engine that small could handle a big hill.

      In regards to Andrew’s comment that this is a step backwards, I think a bigger issue this bike is trying to resolve is the environmental issue of getting cars of the road, even for sunny days, of people who may or may not be of the best health.

  • Erich says:

    The reason why nobody rides a bicycle to work is not distance! 6km are not a issue, even if you don’t workout. The reason is the weather. Sure, a few ppl might ride a ebike to work every now and then. Nobody will ride when it might rain, or if there is ice on the streets. There is not even a fender on the first few pictures!

    I really like the design, but you won’t get ppl to ride to work with this bike.

  • rick says:

    I like it ,especially if the battery is self charging ,stupid nobody thought of this before since a D.C. motor is essentially a generator when it is spun manually,hey! how about a hook-up so one can charge your cell phone while riding ,that would be cool! i sure hope this bike is affordable,as for the spoiled idiots that say what about when it rains ,i ride a motorcycle,rain or not ! we are to spoiled in this country,perhaps you’d like an Electric seat warmer for your spoiled ass !

    • Andrew says:


      1.) How is using an electric assist to ride 6k not spoiled?

      B.) The concept is not aimed at using the motor as a dynamo to recharge. Physically speaking, if you use the onboard motor to recharge the battery by pedaling, you are adding work to your commute (efficiency) which defeats the purpose. Charging your 4 volt cellphone would be easier handled with a pedocharger walking up the stairs to the office.

      Additionally.) While you may not mind arriving at work cold wrinkled and wet, you need to concede that to everyone else, within this country and the rest, this is a concern.

  • rick says:

    The way the Economy is going in this Country,you might have to sell your yuppie car and take the bus ,if it gets much worse,this bike might just be a great alternative, since Public transportation sucks in California ! It takes me 3x the time to get to work on Public Transportation as when i drive my motorcycle,i expect even a bicycle would be faster and an assist going up those hills would be a God sent !

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