Bike Stockholm City

Iconic bikes ho! Look at these pretty little things, they are so stylish! You will be the looker of the whole world on your new bike with these babies, babies! This is the Stockholm line of bikes for Italian bicycle manufacturer Abici. The thing that makes these bikes unique, as if you needed another reason to own such fantabulous two-wheelers, is their color. Each of these four tones has its own iconic Stockholm building counterpart. There’s yellow, red-orange, white, and blue. See if you can pair them up!

Sweden get riding. The warmness comes from a yellow-orange and reach on over the shoulder to that loving red-orange. Note Design Studio, designers of these bikes, call the white an off-chalk, and the blue a smooth azure. The building guessing they (and we) leave up to you.

How well do you know Stockholm? Get your stockin’ books out!

Designer: Note Design Studio


Abici Serie Stoccolma by Note Design Studio