A Way Better Idea for Tubes

You’ve got a lot to say about tubes. Everyone does! Everyone has an opinion for tubes! And I’m sure you know the tubes I’m talking about, rescue tubes! The kind they didn’t have enough of on the Titanic. In fact, I hear all of theres were just crappy sinky tubes. These tubes are much better than those. These are just fantastic. This project is called “Unitube” and it’s made for when a lot of people are about to drown. They just hang on. They just hang out. They rock the Unitube.

Connection, connection, reflection, air hole, handle, hook. These are the elements included in this strip of three. The reflection is reflective material that airplanes, boats, passers by are going to be able to see easily in the sun. And when you meet up with another set of floating people you can connect your Unitubes too!

Designer: Shin Dong-Jin

Unitube by Shin Dong-Jin