This tetrapod-inspired desk accessory is designed to keep the waves of stress at bay

Arm yourself against the discomforts of life with your own personal seawall for your desk.

Life has been anything but kind to most of us in the past two years. Even as we face the new year with hope, many also wait with bated breath for the challenges that 2022 will bring. Wave after wave of problems and setbacks threaten to wash away whatever joy we have managed to build on the shores of our lives. Fortunately, some of those waves can be broken even before they hit, and these accessories for your desk and room are specifically designed to remind you that it is indeed possible to find comfort and joy in the little things in life.

Designer: Jinwoo Jang

People living near coastal areas or frequent these places might be familiar with the almost alien-looking shapes that litter some of these shores. Perhaps inspired by natural corals, these tetrahedral concrete structures are used as seawalls and breakwaters, where their odd shape not only helps dissipate the force of oncoming waves but also remains locked in place, no matter how strong those waves are. For people familiar with these man-made structures, seawalls convey a sense of comfort and security, and those are the emotions that these Seawall desk accessories are hoping to evoke.

Shaped exactly like those tetrapods, each product serves one and only one purpose. That may seem almost like a waste of space, but at the same time, it’s designed to actually reduce discomfort and stress. And what better way to stress someone out than by overloading a single product with a multitude of unrelated features?

One Seawall, for example, is meant to hold pens, keeping the stress of clutter away. Another is a smart speaker that also utilizes soft fabrics at its literal center to add a warm and fuzzy feeling to an otherwise faceless entity. There’s also a mood lamp with an equally soft glow to make the darkness less uncomfortable. And for the room’s center table, a Seawall-shaped humidifier puts the gentler kind of water to good use in your room.

Ironically, these Seawall products don’t seem to be designed like their real counterparts and function better alone. Given their size and shape, it might actually cause people more stress in trying to put all of them together. They’re a set that’s better apart, each in their own place, perhaps at the center of a table, a desk, or a shelf. Even in isolation, however, each well-balanced structure stands proud, as if to remind us that no matter what discomfort life may bring, there are always ways to protect ourselves, even if that means having a tetrapod standing in the middle of your living room coffee table.