Throw and pose

Possibly taking some inspiration from US spy drones being used over Iraq at this very moment finding….. absolutely NO WMDs, this latest design by Hakan Bogazpinar dubbed “Flee” looks like a lot of fun. This compact dandelion seed (seeds with wings) design houses a digital camera that snaps photos at pre-set intervals making for some great conversation starters on your myspace or facebook account. The pictures are snapped and then bluetoothed to your mobile phone for instant gratification. I can already imagine the photos of all my friends posing in horror as if about to be abducted by anal probing inclined aliens.

Designer: Hakan Bogazpinar [ Via: Like Cool ]


  • These gadgets look like a lot of fun. I wonder if you could launch them higher and getter more/bigger pictures by using a doggy ball thrower?

  • jaime says:

    That kind of looks like a male organ!!!

  • Luis Larrea says:

    Wow it has bluetooht!

  • driftingphotog says:

    Well, if it didn’t take pictures at regular intervals and you could control shutter speed, there actually is a very large group of people who like to toss their cameras in the air with a long exposure and see what happens.

    There is a huge Flickr group dedicated to it. If this thing has some decent manual controls, I’d be much more likely to use it than toss my $3000 SLR

  • eric says:

    what is this bluetooht? : )
    spelling and grammar counts even for us designers

    fun toy

  • benni blanco says:

    Mccain ’08!

    • Wow, I won’t delete this comment just because it is proof positive of the desperation for attention that campaign is suffering through. awe..

  • Ben says:

    This looks a lot like the “Satugo” project by Eschel Jacobsen and Mads Ny Larsen, and they have come up with this already 2 years ago…

  • nobi says:

    How.. It’s flying…..?

  • kip kido says:

    cameras like this get boring realy fast.
    and how goofy will the photos of you look while you when your following through on your forearm throw.
    this thing is also not going to be cheap. what happens when you throw it into someplace you cant get it back? or cant find it.

  • powers says:

    This will be a great way for crummy goth bands to get their album art.

  • WHAT… this is a tottaly rip off of the SatuGo project, check, damn guy’s if you can’t be more innovative than copieng others then don’t even try man…

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