One small step for man, one beautiful table for mankind


Our fascination with the cosmos is far from ending… We saw the Mars Chair just hours back and now we look at undeniably the most interesting looking table we’ve seen in years! The Apollo 11 table is a stunningly detailed replica of the moon, but more specifically, it’s the point on the moon that humans made first contact with! That’s right. Sculpted in fiberglass with details so precise, they will make your jaw drop, the Apollo 11 table showcases the crater on which the Apollo 11 landed in 1969, marking man’s first steps on the moon, and also America’s successful attempt at getting ahead of the Soviet powers in the Space Race!

The Apollo 11 table takes attention to detail to the max. Using actual digital files from NASA’s archives, Harow manages to sculpt them into fiberglass following multiple thick coats of transparent resin, that become the invisible slab above the moon’s surface. This also allows for some incredible light-play against the moon’s sculpted surface.

What pleases me is even the fact that the legs of the table extend the story and inspiration for the table. Designed to look like the legs of the LEM landing pod, the feet of the table come machined in a brass aluminum alloy and make for a great design detail to an already marvelous looking table!

Designer: Harow