Divide and Conquer Your Food

I am starting to lose sight of what is more important as we all try to move forward in the green movement. As global warming converges on us all, is conserving water or conserving trees more important? Can both these conservation efforts live harmoniously? Case in point: this design by Yang So-yeon called “Foldish”. It is a wonderfully thought out design that creates paper barriers for your meal, therefore eliminating the need for separate disposable dishes for each of your courses. According to the designer, this food tray helps conserve water, but I can’t help to wonder, what about the trees that died for this tray? And what about the Bothans that died bringing us this information? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Designer: Yang So-yeon

Foldish - Paper Folding Dishes by Yang So-yeon




  • karl says:

    you save carbon by not being on a plane whilst actually thinking you are on a plane while eating this meal.

  • mif991 says:

    Sorry. I don’t see the reason why this is needed. Food is packaged already in its own wrapping (here in USA); why add another paper product? Assuming this tray is for airplanes, does designer believe food will be better dispensed from a bulk container? What am I missing here?

    • JOe says:

      ¬_¬ if you just read the little description, you will notice that the prupose is for eliminate the separate disposable dishes for each of your courses, and don’t waste all of those plastic or carton reicipients…

  • Margot says:

    Oh look! A TV dinner that you could actually make to be a healthy one!

  • I like it! I think is a simple solution, and simple is good.

  • Jak says:

    That’d be an effective design for hospital foods as well.

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