Cuteness at Tea Time

All you cuties out there who drink tea! Your time is now! Yes, today you, yes you, get another sensory experience out of your time for tea. And it’s so small, and it’s so cute. It’s kawaii. No, it’s super kawaii! It is a spoon from designer Ha Cho Hee. And guess what? The name of the designer rhymes with the name of the spoon. How cute! It’s the “When You Stir Tea” by Ha Cho Hee! Hooray!

In this spoon is a totally additional sensation for you. In drinking tea, Cho Hee explains to us, sensory cells are opened up: fragrance, beautiful color and good taste, and warm cup. Today, H.C.H. adds another! It is the bell sound of the spoon.

At the top (or the bottom, however you see it), the spoon has a bell that rings upon stirring.

Oh joy!

Designer: Ha Cho Hee

When You Stir Tea by Ha Cho Hee