Creature Feature Time

It’s that time again! It’s time for a clock. This one is frightfully titled “Creature Clock”, but not in such a terrible way. Nay! This is truly the monster you’ll love to have around your bedside. In five pieces. Yes, weird! Wonderfully abstract! This clock comes in five distinct pieces that you set out, all next to one another, on your shelf or counter, all of them in a group as one. On the one you can see the time, but as there are no numbers, and the forms are mere suggestions of beings, it is all very vague.

Truly that is the aim though, to cast in your mind the idea that time is not an absolute measurement but instead a mathematical representation. And of course, that “the past is always just gone, the present is always fleeting, and the future is always a tick away.”

Designer: Pete Oyler

Creature Clock by Pete Oyler