Rechargeable Cordless LED Lamp by Balazs Puspok

Battery operated LED light that can be recharged by physically rotating a generator. The lamp is independent from any power supply, doesn’t need any external source and runs exclusively on renewable energy. The lamp has to be mounted on the wall or a pole. A mechanism, similar to the old clock-winder system, provides a rotating motion to charge the battery. The downwards moving weight turns the generator as the handle moves upwards at the same time. After this, the handle has to be pulled down again. This has to be repeated until the battery is recharged.

Designer: Balazs Puspok


  • Aron says:

    The lamp has nice design .But more important is the energy supplier . We should use kinetic energy in most of other objects we use .

  • eboy says:

    finally a designed solutyion to high electric bills related to lighting

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