Finding the Right Furniture Piece

So you live in a really, really expensive house. Or a really, really modern art sort of house. You’d like something odd, something nice, something wild. You’d like to try to find something made entirely out of metal, and shaped like a puzzle piece. Perfect! Here it is! The new Dondola furniture set by Defne Koz for Megaron! Made of stainless steel formed in a way that makes it suitable for the domestic environment.

These furniture bits use a new welding technology that allows completely seamless volumes with “no part-lines, no visible welding lines, and soft shapes.” Folding metal for smoothness. Micro-perforations cut by lasers incorporated for subtle quality.

Very pretty. Very powerful. Not something you’d want in your home if you plan on inviting small children over, but for all other instances, just fabulous. Also I’d suggest either a wood or concrete sort of floor, not so much with the carpet.


Designer: Defne Koz for Megaron

Dondola furniture series by Defne Koz for Megaron