These Kisses are NOT for Eating!

I mean it! They’d rip holes in your gullet all day long! Nay! These are for a much more technologically advanced purpose. Yes! It is true, they are made specifically for holding your compact-disk-shaped objects aloft. You too, can experience the perfectly lovely shape and usefulness of the kissy object without all of that melty, irresistible chocolaty innard. That’s what’s going on here. Made out of aluminum.

At 3.2cm D and 3cm H, this little kiss might be the smallest gadget-related device you’ve got sitting on your table, and with non of that pesky technology. Truly diverse, this kiss comes in green, blue, red, and even your favorite, black. Gotta catch them all -gotta desk them all!

And I must reiterate because it is so important: do NOT swallow these, for truly the truth will come swiftly to your tastebuds – not chocolaty, but aluminumy, this is.

Designer: DesignK [ Buy it Here, Kisses is (are?) available for $17.50 @ YD Store ]


Kisses Compact Disk Rest is available for $17.50 @ YD Store