Win A bobble Water Bottle! Week One

Today is UN World Water Day, an initiative to remind us of the efforts to provide safe, clean drinking water. We’ve teamed up with bobble to give away 5 Water bobbles each week until Earth Day, April 22nd. bobble is a 100% recyclable water bottle with a built in carbon filter good for 300 refills. This first round ends Friday March 26th so hit the jump and find out how to enter! Contest closed. Winners will be contacted directly. Thanks everybody but don’t give up. Next week you’ll have another chance. Stay tuned!

To enter:

  • Follow Yanko Design and Water Bobble on Twitter.
  • Tweet why you want a Water bobble and include @waterbobble and @yankodesign.
  • Be sure to include @waterbobble and @yankodesign, otherwise your entry won’t count.
  • Come back this Friday March 26th to see who the first 5 winners are!

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  • James says:

    That’s funny, my friend told me they submitted the Bobble to your site last week, yet after reading through your site, you failed to mention that he sent this to you.

    This was published March 13:

  • Mike says:

    HAHAHA! James, you’re a funny dude. Thanks for looking out, but as long as they spread the word, it’s all good! Keep up the great work Yanko!

    • reality says:

      carbon water filter, i think that water in the western world is processed enough to be drinkable straight from the tap, despite what manufacturers of bottled water tell us.

  • Long Tran says:

    Of course we would credit anyone who was responsible for a post but the truth is the company contacted us first and this promo has been in the making for some time. Don’t forget to enter!

  • Michael says:

    I’d love to win one!

  • such ugly bottle could develop only one man-Karim Rashid

  • mif991 says:

    I’ll pass. this is not for me, but I can see a market for the cap and filter.

  • zno3 says:

    Fancy, and colorful, good things to hear that’s also recyclable 😀 and another things that I like is the filter! well, we might get some horrible disease if we drink unclean water, even if it’s boiled we can guarantee it’s clean.

  • Sanu says:

    I live in Jakarta, that should explain why I need it.
    It’s a not so water friendly environment. Tap water is undrinkable, city’s mainly hot tropical weather makes you looses more fluid on a sunny day. And traffic is even worse, so you may need to walk anyway. So a Bobble is a perfectly logic choice to have in that certain environment. Not to forget the it is cleverly designed and looks like well engineered. Never have a water filter bottle before, I’m curious. I only see them in disaster area for emergency. And the city is harsh enough for street walker like me. Walk vs. cars. Bobble vs. PET bottle, well it’s all very obvious. Perhaps this could also set example to other people on ways we can save environment. who knows.

  • ceejus says:

    I’ve been holding off on buying a water bottle that will just end up in the cupboard, and then I saw this and literally drooled on myself. At work. This is an awesome design.

  • Jamz says:

    The water wont come out of my bobble anymore can anyone tell me why? 🙁

  • Jamz says:

    The water wont come out of my bobble anymore can anyone tell me why? 🙁

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