IDSA 2014 International Conference, The Exchange at Austin Texas

Get ready for some good times this August; IDSA hosts its 2014 International Conference, The Exchange. This high level meeting point will be a vibrant gathering place in which design and industry professionals, design educators and students will exchange knowledge, information, ideas and stories about the many facets of product development and design.

The 2014 International Conference, The Exchange, will focus on six key exchanges:

  • Context
  • Community
  • Value
  • Culture
  • Interpersonal
  • Education

Amongst all the illustrious speakers in the lineup, we are particular stoked to know that John Dimatos, community lead for the design and technology categories at Kickstarter will be hosting a segment called Design on Kickstarter. Need we elaborate why!

Two other things that you need to lookout for: the redesigned un-conference – a base where anyone can come and hold a group discussion on a previously agreed upon topic. Ti Chang rocked it in Chicago! The other is the portfolio showing session by design students, where industry heroes come and comment and give feedback to the young guns. We loved both these segments a lot.

Gear up for the conference, which is from August 13th to16th, 2014 at Austin, Texas.


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