Friday Giveaway: Six City Rain Concrete Glasses To Say Cheers With!

TGIF? The time of the week when you come home after a hard week’s work, unwind to some music, lounge on your recliner and sip scotch on the rocks! Total Paradise! If this is what you want to do next Friday (and many more), the least we can do is provide you with some awesome glasses to nurse your drinks in. We are giving away total 6 Concrete Glasses to 3 lucky people (2 each) who tell us: with whom they’ll raise a toast to using their swanky new set of City Rain Glasses.

Labor of love:

City Rain concrete glass is made of high water-absorption concrete with the idea of wet street and glass window. Each handcrafted set is painstakingly nurtured through the various stages, till the end product is crafted. From the beginning of making molds and accurately calculating the percentage of admixture, to the end of keeping the cement wet, the procedure takes more than a week. This is why each glass is unique and a labor of love.

Contest Closes: 28th March, 11:59 pm. PST. Contest Closed.

Designer: 25togo


CITY RAIN is available for $18 at the YD Store

CITY RAIN Concrete Glass by 25togo



  • grish says:

    I would give a toast to my fiance for choosing me! oh and for a great life ahead!

  • Fabian says:

    A toast to Steve Jobs for bringing us the iPad and better looking electronics

  • Patricio says:

    a toast to myself for beeing so lucky to win this!

  • Edie says:

    with jesus himself

  • caohuawen says:

    I’m studying design. And my English is poor. Aboll me, you are all my teacher. I am from China. I want to study with you. Thank you.

  • BrianK says:

    A toast to my coach. For the all the inspiration and hardwork, as well as the shit he has to go through with us time to time! I’m pretty sure nothing beats palinka in those glasses!

  • meinv says:

    I’m raising a toast with my father, who has recently survived a heart attack!

  • Matt says:

    Id have to say I’d give a toast to my Nono who passed away many years ago. He moved to Canada from Italy after being a pow, and all of his sons and daughters have great lives thanks to his decision to come here and to work hard to make the best living for his family that he could. I’d say these would be fitting for that since in a way he was the foundation for the great lives that I, and the rest of my family enjoy today 🙂 So cheers to him, and all of the others who made the decision to work hard and start a new life!

  • Mitch says:

    I’d raise a toast to the guy who stole my god damn idea! Making me realise that i should actually get out there and make the stuff i think up.

  • Dries says:

    i would raise a toast to bob the builder this time.

  • GT says:

    I would raise a glass with my team as we just completed converting an industrial space into an incredible climbing center in which we have molded and textured concrete into sharp aretes, overhanging prows, and cracks to climb in. Cheers!

  • Al says:

    I would like to make a toast to mother earth who provides the water!!!

  • Piotr says:

    a cheers would be held up with my uncle a recent winner of project of the year award

  • Joe Bradford says:

    I’d raise my cup to my sophomore industrial design class. We’re rapidly approaching our sophomore portfolio review and nerves are at an all time high, so relaxing drink would suit us all.

  • Dave Wolf says:

    I would raise a toast to my sister, who brought me to NYC 18 months ago, and has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to make it in the City that I have always loved!

  • Hoyun says:

    A toast with an old friend since before I could remember.

  • mark says:

    I think a toast to Johnny Ive and his body work and it’s clean, minimial industrial style would be appropriate. Something makes me think he would dig these glasses and it’s nearly the eve of the iPad release.

  • i would raise my glass to doctor pi

  • darcy says:

    With my roommate to a new house!!

  • Kaylee says:

    I would be the roommate she is toasting with for our new awesome house!

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