Friday Giveaway: Six City Rain Concrete Glasses To Say Cheers With!

TGIF? The time of the week when you come home after a hard week’s work, unwind to some music, lounge on your recliner and sip scotch on the rocks! Total Paradise! If this is what you want to do next Friday (and many more), the least we can do is provide you with some awesome glasses to nurse your drinks in. We are giving away total 6 Concrete Glasses to 3 lucky people (2 each) who tell us: with whom they’ll raise a toast to using their swanky new set of City Rain Glasses.

Labor of love:

City Rain concrete glass is made of high water-absorption concrete with the idea of wet street and glass window. Each handcrafted set is painstakingly nurtured through the various stages, till the end product is crafted. From the beginning of making molds and accurately calculating the percentage of admixture, to the end of keeping the cement wet, the procedure takes more than a week. This is why each glass is unique and a labor of love.

Contest Closes: 28th March, 11:59 pm. PST. Contest Closed.

Designer: 25togo


CITY RAIN is available for $18 at the YD Store

CITY RAIN Concrete Glass by 25togo