Art Stars Competition by Polo Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren

It’s all right to have a competitive streak in you if that’s one of the reasons why you compete. However in the business of art and design most of the time it’s for the love of creativity and recognition that we seek such challenges. Art Stars Design Competition hosted by Polo Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren is an opportunity to show off your skills and hang out with mega mentors like Jasper Joffe, Alëxone, & CASE in their studio for a week! You also get to take home a €1,000 commission prize with €500 for material costs. But the biggest draw is having your finished pieces exhibited in the world’s most important cities.

You can find competition details here, but be aware that February 4th is the last date for entry. So Hurry!


Budding artists & designers in Belgium, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK are invited to create their own ART STAR.

  • 16 winners will receive a commission based prize and the chance to be mentored by some of Europe’s top talent.
  • A weeklong in-studio session with an ART STARS mentor.
  • €1,000 commission prize, and €500 towards materials cost to create your ART STAR.
  • ART STARS displayed in a storefront exhibition and an in-store event.