How Tall Today, Young One?

One of the cutest and most universal signs of growing up, marked by the parents of the child, is the pencil mark above the head on the wall. Pencil mark on the wall to show how tall. Young ones growing up, head height by head height. The only thing is, the place where this is generally marked is on a wall in a house that might not even be in the possession of the person once they’re grown up. So how does one keep this treasure? Let me lead you to it. Mark it here.

This right here is the “MeasureMe Stick” by our pals at Studio 1a.m., made of bamboo and printed ink. Dimensions are 84″h x 4.7″w x .5″d. Weighs is 5 pounds. Hand made in Chicago, Illinois, stainless steel mounting pegs included.

Pretty! Feel free to hang em all up, even if you’ve got only a bunny and a kitty and no kiddies like me.

Batteries not included.

Designer: Studio 1a.m. [ Buy it Here, MeasureMe Stick is available for $120 @ YD Store ]


MeasureMe Stick is available for $120 @ YD Store

MeasureMe Stick for tracking the height of young children growing up by Studio 1a.m.