If you were to study human interaction, you’d find there is a tight knit group of people who you are closest with. This is also known as the human web and connections outside the web can extend infinitely. That’s called 6 degrees of separation. If you were to visualize all of that into a tangible object, you’d probably end up with something similar to the Drops concept.

Drops is a unique prototype that physically represents the interactive possibilities between your closest kin. Confused? Everyone in your circle of friends gets a unique personalized wood token and a docking station. Simple interactions like docking your token lets everyone else know you’re there. Stroking them sends out a subtle glow – a playful reminder. It’s meant to be an esoteric gesture, but an important one which is why it’s made of wood to symbolize strength and the organic nature of friendship.

More pictures of the process: Here & Here.

Designers: David Sjunnesson & Pedro Nakazato Andrade

Drops from Pedro Andrade on Vimeo.

Drops - Non Intrusive Ambient Display Of Your Closest And Most Important Friends by David Sjunnesson & Pedro Nakazato Andrade