When We Are, When We Will Be

Hello past, it is the future, now would like to know if it can make a call. Time, what you got. Time, what you want. Here’s a watch for you to focus. It’s time not to look to the future, nor the past, nay! It is time to focus on the now, the here, the present. Projects Design presents a lovely watch you can wear on your wrist with a display that tells the time in a neatly unique way. View it now and know what time it is.

You will be the cleverest and the cutest with this watch on your handbones. You’ll be swanky, clean, and futuristic. It comes in black leather and wild steel mesh. It’s the “Past Present Future Watch.” Live it.

33mm in Diameter
(1 1/3″)
Solid Stainless Steel Case
Water Resistant to 100ft

Designer: Projects Design [ Buy it Here, Past Present Future Watch is available for $100 @ YD Store ]

Past Present Future Watch is available for $100 @ YD Store




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