The Tiniest Room

In each little room is a little place where you can stay between trips. This sort of project has been done on Yanko before, see if you can spot it! But this is definitely a bit different. For shizzle. This one’s for a larger cross-section of locations. Small, independent bubbles made for versatility. For placement in places with large concentrations of people like airports, sea ports, events, resorts, international fairs. Micro locations for the macro plan.

They’re small, but luxury. Equipped with a bathroom, a bedroom, a high degree of technology in a small area. Inexpensive, reduced to the essential. And guess what inspired this little ditty? A womb. The designers aim this project to transmit a feeling of wombness, I’d call it: a feeling of protection “in contrast to the movement and agitation to the outside world.” I know I get agitated by the outside world. Inside this world though, that’d be really rad!

Not unlike many designers, lots and lots of them, D&F encourages you contact them if you’ve got questions (or I’m sure further their bubbletastic cause.)

Designer: D&F

Dream and Fly micro-hotel concept by Dream and Fly






  • Robert says:

    how much is each unit be expected to cost??

  • rachael says:

    put it on wheels…now that’s a revolution! ok, seriously, I would pay for a nap and some silence in an airport. Just sayin…

  • Jim says:

    Cool yes but can it be sold to a 1) paying customer and more importantly 2) an airport

  • bruce says:

    These could become a great option for those times when an intended short layover turns into a nght stuck at the airport. Those winter storms that strand hundreds of travelers at O’Hare comes to mind as a great example.

  • Kat says:

    This is brilliant. Someday we will look back and wonder how we survived without these.

  • Kat says:

    This is brilliant. Someday we will look back and wonder how we survived without these.

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