Crystal Snowflakes

Ever looked at a magnified snowflake? It is truly remarkable how detailed and unique each snowflake is and how their individual designs can never be replicated. This magical creation of nature is the inspiration behind the design Save Your Ice. Croatian designer; Ljiljana Tutnjevic created the Save Your Ice design as a subtle reminder of the current Global Warming issues. The silver -crystal necklace can be broken down to form two bracelets and four rings that can be shared with our friends to encourage them to cherish and care for our environment.

Designer: Ljiljana Tutnjevic


  • enoo says:

    “Product and buy more useless items to protect the environment.” *Cough*. Nonsense 🙁
    (And the beads look to sharp to be wearable)

  • ljiljana tutnjevic says:

    one might think that jewelry and even fashion are completely useless. there are also people who think they are not. nevertheless, the important issue is that they are produced and used anyway in great quantities. so, why not give them a message to share. crystal, a theme of the crystal vision competition, is a natural material, that doesn’t fall apart on other molecules even when thrown away in the soil/water, just as glass. and it is recyclable.
    the renders are sketches of the concept and the beads are filleted, so they are wearable.

  • fb says:

    omg want.

  • ilya says:

    I like the ring, I see that’s cool.
    Purity of form so close to me.

  • Mach says:

    Beautiful, but it seems very uncomfortable to wear.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    How is extracting silver and gems from nature going to help the environment?

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