Stuck to Rivers and Lakes

This right here is called “Waterfall.” It’s totally beautiful. Let’s just get that straight right now. Next, let’s talk about what the heck it is. It’s a project by designer Barbara Bona that came to her brain while she was studying the space of a window. Noting that while during the day, a window shows natural daylight, during the night, it’s totally just a black, blank screen. So she decided to take advantage of the space and totally light up the night.

She made the totally modern decision and got herself a bunch of LED bulbs. Then she picked up a handful of fabric. Bona then took the initiative and integrated the bulbs right into a curtain rod, noting that of all the things in the home arena, the curtain rod must certainly be one of the least innovated upon. The LEDs show true, “powerfully and directionally” illuminating the area without excessive heat.

She then added the slightly veiling, slightly reflective fabric to accentuate the situation.

Added the name Waterfall.

And that was that!

Designer: Barbara Bona

Waterfall light up curtain lights up the night by Barbara Bona