Lovely Globey Ironing

I know when you think Futuristic, you think Ironing. I know that when you drew (or draw) pictures of the future with crayons, you made sure those space-people had nice, no-wrinkle shirts on, right? Right! So what we need here is Adam Wendel’s “Infinity Iron.” It is an iron for the future. For sure. With its interactive nature and unique form, it will make the world a flatter place, with great skill and aesthetically pleasing form.

And it’s made to prevent arthritis. That horrible, horrible hand job that 1 in 3 people are affected by. Using this machine is grace. The shell pivots along the center sphere, reducing the amount of turning the wrist of the hand has to do drastically. The center sphere also acts as a water reservoir for steaming.

The device automatically gets hot (quickly) when the hand touches the top, and has sensors on the bottom too, turning off if it senses the risk of burning or catching on fire.

The water ball illuminates to a lovely blue when the desired heat is reached, having been programmed in by you on the OLED touch screen on the top, the display and the control. The shell has the screen on the front, and textured rubber on the back for superior grip.

Designer: Adam Wendel

The Infinity Iron by Adam Wendel






  • bil says:

    seriously? i think its….

    nvm im flabbergasted.

    • reality says:

      product design is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. this is the 1% come back when the 99% has been done.

  • Hartigan says:

    High 5 for the designer for being able to do the Ironing without VAPOUR!!!!

  • steve says:

    I like the concept. Purely conceptual I am guessing. Not too sure how this would work, however I really like the form language I see.

    Nice work!

  • Lars says:


  • Alienzexist says:

    the reason for a handle is to separate your hand from the heat. This “range of motion” will only comprimise your hand if you slip off its slick alien surface. Its an iron ok? design a cool iron and not a blobject of magical properties.

  • Alienzexist says:

    you have to pick it up by the edges, and it has no other surface to rest on, so tell me, when you cool it down or want to stop ironing you have to turn it over and put it on its back? then the only part left to grab is the heating surface? ugh

  • Alienzexist says:

    people dont want/need a touchscreen iron and people dont want/need to read lengthy directions on how to iron linen. You have good design skills, now just work on solving problems.

  • phi says:

    glossy black and white curved surfaces do not equal good design!!!

  • Lars says:

    It says that the surface is touch sensitive eliminating the need to have a handle. I am guessing that when you release the iron it turns off. I like the idea. Clever and it does solve some problems with current irons.

    Aesthetically pleasing too.

  • mif991 says:

    I like the fact that you are stepping out of the box on something that has been redesigned like forever. The only thing I question is whether this iron will be harder on the hand and wrist than a conventional iron.

  • chris399 says:

    by looking at it – it appears to be more comfortable than a conventional iron. i think it is a great idea! the designer is certainly looking outside the box. some technical questions i would have to ask him, but if it is conceptual. job well done!

  • FLX says:

    Ehm, dont you need a flat surface to iron clothes effectively?

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