Never Singe Another Garment

As a new bride, it was expected from me to know how to manage all the household chores. The spoilt brat that I was, I didn’t even know how to iron clothes. Yes, the expected happened I burned many of my husband’s shirts, mainly because a telephone call or a whistling pressure cooker would grab my attention. I’d leave the iron right on the garment and come back to a gaping burnt hole! The Roly Poly Iron would have saved me a lot of clothes thanks to a built-in weight mechanism.

What the added weight to the handle does, is that it rocks the iron back to a standing position, when not pressed down.

Gripping the handle triggers off the surface sensors to roll the weight within, forward. And when you release your grip from the handle, the weight gently rolls back, moving the iron to a standing position.

Roly Poly Iron…way to go!

Designer: Wonkook Lee

Roly Poly Iron by Wonkook Lee